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Betwixt Back Home: It’s TV Review Time


This is for anyone remotely interested in my reviewage….as someone locked away for a year in a Covid bubble followed by a rather wobbly medical emergency and recovery year, my beloved TV experience is rather important. So. Two Series. Both with Stanley Tucci.

Stanley Tucci (BBC2/CNN) in Italy (season 2) is a beautiful gentle stroll through his old country eating drinking and talking. It’s reassuring and simple, and gets you hungry quite quickly.
Tucci MAIN.jpg

Inside Man is a BBC 4 part drama starring Tucci and David Tennant from the egotistical brain of Steven Moffat. I once had a couple of pints with him in “The Doctor Who pub” (fans will know it). Nice chap I thought, funny and gentle. He took over from Russell T. Davies showrunning “Who” and reinventing and rewriting series after series turning the show IMO into a ghastly extremely smartarse parody of itself and other sci fi despite the...

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Betwixt Over Europe Sitges Edition Part 2


Day 2 and 3. Dear Buddy Aruan’s 50th Birthday Celebrations (delayed by 2 and a half years). Beach Chatting Chuckling Bars Drinking Eating Sleeping Drinking “arguing about Abba” “looking for hats”. Happy Hours. Happy hours.

Drank ate chortled drank.

Did I mention drank?

Day 4 and Day 5. Drank ate chortled drank.

Did I mention chortled?

Watched fireworks swam in warm pooless Med (unlike Brex U K)..

Did I mention ate?

Wrote blog while being observed over shoulder by bored Woman on tube back to London…

Oh yes. Got stalked by TV/movie actor Andrew “Fleabag Vicar” Scott in Sitges so decided to fly home ….. via very weird eatables at Barcelona Club Lounge and poor Cava plus flight delayed so had to have some beer too. Three even.


Lovely flight featuring all male cabaret troupe flight crew so A Lot of champagne. Even more champagne forced to me by cabin boy 20 minutes before...

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Betwixt Hits Europe. Again (with added squits*)

Editor’s note: Squitti Ferritti were a slightly successful band of the 80’s whose output was er immaculately produced rather over regularly….

Day 1 en route to Heathrow….haven’t even made it to tube before urgent plea required to cafe owner to use his loo. Bottom misbehaviour caused by Iron tablets.

Smallest loo in Northern hemisphere….whack my elbow on wall causing pain and loo paper holder to fall apart. Have sneezing fit.

Bad start to third overseas trip of 2022.

Still. Overheated tube carriages can at least confirm my incorrect choice of chunky jacket with extra padding, just like this blog.

Heathrow Terminal 5 has all the charm of a brand new vacuum cleaner with queues. Still. The “World Traveller Plus” Fast Track provides a sense of superiority whilst still standing around for an age behind Kids Who Scream.


IT IS NOW NECESSARY to request champagne! I mean what the...

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Let the already wealthy make buckets more of easy dosh or look after your nation? Truss is the worst thing to happen to the UK in a long long time.

After the Covid years and Brexit current and future decades have allowed the rich to get obscenely richer and Opportunism to allow hundreds of Tory Cronies to make fortunes, and fake companies cream off millions for personal gain, it’s clear that the Tories will now encourage energy companies to continue to make billions, for all green measures to be dropped, for grim fracking and pollution to be more and more common, and for a country where cruel treatment of immigrants, a staff crisis in the NHS and hugely increasing poverty, is rapidly emerging.

This is so not a place where children can look forward to a happier place. Greed is now allowed to flourish.

ENJOY your time in government you lot. People can’t survive in this climate of self-interest.

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Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson.jpg

My take: Will this resignation end the longest period of dishonesty in British Politics, instigated by Dominic Cummings’ three hedge fund billionaires in a plot to install a puppet government in the UK run by a puppet, (purely to reinstate massive deregulation of rich people’s profits and businesses)?

Politics will take a long time to revert to a return to Truth and Fairness. Methinks. The “cabinet” which remains is stacked full of appalling embarrassment and stupidity. God help us, and who by the way, has ever LISTENED to people like Braverman (Suella) Dorries (Nadine) and Patel (Priti The Wicked)? Sheer horror. Ignorance, cruelty and nonsense.

The MPs now calling for Johnson’s departure include many of the despicable Brexit Liars like Steve Baker, Michael Gove and Andrew Brigden, plus the sycophants Zahawi, Truss, Sunak, Raab, Javid, Ludicrous Rees-Mogg, and many others. These are...

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Betwixt Wedding And Road Trip 2022 Part 4 (incorporating France is a different Cuttle of Fish). Phew. Last Bit. “Finally”(Cheers Ce Ce Peniston).


Nightmarish voices are ringing in me ‘ears “In Euro or in Pound? In Euro or in Pound?” The Brexit scenarios are kicking in…I have a UK passport (so it’ll be MORE of a pain everywhere)…

Still, what a nearly three weeks it will have been after nearly 7 days coming in the land of ‘Allo ‘Allo (for non BBC viewers, and if you’re vaguely young, this is a very strange sitcom about the German Occupied France in the Second World War, involving Herr Gruber’s Little Tank, the head of the local SS forever trying to find a painting of the Madonna with the Big Boobies or something, plus British people trying to speak French badly, conveyed by them speaking English very badly “Good Moaning, I spick poefickly wool” type thing….)

Love France though, food, cities, countryside, food, wine, champagne, Eiffel Tower and champagne.

Arrived after three slightly tortuous RENFE SNCF and OUIGO (see what they...

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Betwixt Wedding And Road Trip 2022 Part 3 (incorporating Sitges Pride)

Arrived in SITGES via Barcelona Airport (to change buses obviously). Well that’s enough about Sitges. Nothing changes much there except who visits when and who may have decided to Reside.

Cue pix of all kinds of drinking summery sunbathing cabaret watching debauchery. Can’t be bothered this time … I imagine they’ll end up on Faceplace.

Hotter than usual and busier than I prefer, caught up hankered down breakfasted Paella’d Sausaged Ginned watched some Stage Stuff, though had to miss my old pal’s SP debut (due to a bit of heatstroke and requirement of Crack Of Dawn departure for France Roadtrip-Part Four), and apart from also trying “Sitges Gin” (just a shot or two), I additionally made another memorable visit to Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia the amazing Work Still In Progress But Three Years To Go. Barcelona is of course a busy bustly City, and I rather like it too. Yessireebob and That...

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Betwixt Wedding And Road Trip 2022 Part 2

I was told by a friend who knows about these things never to say “third world country” ever again. Mmm. OK València Estaciòn de Bus is like a place from another age. The WC arrangement is certainly less attractive than a B&Q 1967 Orange Bucket, and there are more pigeons eating at the cafeteria tables than “customers” (as UK Rail Services insist on saying).

I’m off on jaunt part three after Jaunt 2 found me having 4 days of super sun (lovely beaches and it’s hat hat hat for me - I bought two) in Valencia …. Gorgeous vibe to the old town where I was accommodated in yet another “Design Hotel”, this time a rather special minimalist number with designer staff with designer haircuts: think Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso, and the food drink umpteen beautiful squares with weekend shows plus markets cathedrals museums and astonishing modern design (The city of Sciences) made me rather annoyed...

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Betwixt Wedding And Road Trip 2022 Part One

Hi campers. Naturlich I’m starting this Road Trip across Spain and France by er Air. Gatwick looks rather wrecked to be honest, escalators and lifts largely kaput, and one and a half cafes (pre Club Lounge), and ya need a Very Long Neck to spot the first floor Giraffe Restaurant. Oh 21st Century problems. (What war? What Climate Change?).

Still dear reader, it’s very busy and my flight hasn’t been cancelled. Yet. Nobody has told me to wear a gorilla suit to avoid Monkey Pox, and have a “Non EU Covid Certification Replacement” to flash at people from my watch. So I’m equipped. Thought as a treat I’d debut my denture, trial my teeth and Gnaw on my Gnashers abroad, long enough for the odd wedding pic….

Well, the flight happened. Up, Bolly vino beer and sos and mash, thence here in Málaga where it’s hot hot hot. Basking, drinking in downtown uptown and midtown establishments and WEAR THAT...

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Gadding About

3000 metres in minutes. No, not part of a recent marathon attempt, but the rate the A350 airbus starts to drop at from 33000 feet (mixing imperial and metric the fault of BA graphics bods I’m afraid).

Yes Betwixt is back travelling and phew was this World Cruises and flights to Spain, I was rather hoping for a spree of sunspots, a panoply of plane popping, when oh no, we were first all forced coviciously covideous, then I became an NHS Alert, ailments and operations mere commonplace to 2021 as antivaxxers are to Loonytown, Arizona, (insert your own locale)…

But back to Feb 2022…. Off I jaunt solo Club World (not a Spice Girls album) to something that so took my fancy and rightly so as it turns out. But more of that later…

Meanwhile back in Heathrow.

“Ere mate, somebody’s done a number two in there” urges my Khazi Attendant pointing out the Business Class Lounge Loo...

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