Betwixt the Coasts: From West to East in 80 Days Part 3: Fatigue. Your heart bleeds for me.


Fatigue. FATIGUE.

Happens in all so many ways (“No it doesn’t “-non existent Ed.). Take having to ask 12 times for “batteries” pronounced here in San Diego as “Badreece”…tires me out.

Take my breakfast hollandaise eggs on “English Muffin”. Please take them. Far away. Cardboard never tasted so solid and dentally threatening. Sighed fatiguely AT BREAKFAST. (Swanky hotel though in San Diego actually).

Btw it’s actually nicknamed Sandy Ego this city according to my guidebook.

Nearly got to speak to some Brits last night but decided I was a) too fatigued and b) “I’d been checking her out for weeks and…” etc was not potentially the conversation I would have soared lovingly into….


Already missing my LA friends just cos I could have indulged in conversation for hours and hours more b4 I fatigued them to an early slumber…

Our guide on my two hour tour of San Diego harbour etc was a great old geezer called Max. I’m seeing the sign behind him and thinking I really wanted to jauntily compliment him with “Thanks so much Mister People 200”….. but I was in early fatigue stage by then….


So sloganized by a rather resourceful American company who have invented a spray for your smelly poodle (other pets are available)….

Simply the finest reason to avoid the tired soulless (fatigued) architectural hell that is Central San Diego is to visit the gorgeous joy of its adjacent island, Coronado. On it (connected to the mainland by a whacking high bridge) is the astonishing Hotel Del Coronado. This is a Portmeirion style crazy hotel heavily featured in the classic comedy movie Some Like It Hot. Tis terrific. The soft sandy beach alongside is huge and probably my second favourite beach on Earth ….. (answers on a postcard)….


Leaving San Diego was no great upset, apart from due to the excessive fatigue of the bus driver to LA (en route to Palm Springs my next stop) the bus was cancelled at VERY short notice. Amtrak to the rescue followed by a bus that did actually run. So. Palm Springs here I am …

It’s very hot, gentle yet busy, remote yet remote, and the bars restaurants and bars of all shapes and sizes, plus soloing fiddlers and guitarists in the street on my first night, street market night. It’s quaint and rather remotely gentle. And yet…..

And yet. Here I realise how fatigued I am …the past couple of years of heavy duty medical research followed by my 25 song project completion followed by my longest flight ever and a few weeks in not so gentle but super LA have taken their toll.

I’m quite frankly KNACKERED.

I can tell you all (both of you) feel hugely sympathetic.

So that’s it until Part Four. Bet you can’t wait. Or are you all, Dear Reader, suffering from Fatigue fatigue?

We’ll soonish find out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

It’s 35 degrees outside at 6.21pm Sunday 15th October, and it’s my 4th day in the desert.




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