Betwixt UK and USA Interimly Speaking…


Counting down to my mammoth trip (“Mammothist”, Non-Existent Ed.) across the Pond, and having finished the Biggest Music Project Of My Entire Being (An Open & Shut Cake, 25 glorious songs, it doesn’t say here), I’m exhausted and Biden My Time b4 hopping on a BA 777 to the City of Angels, Oscars and Muscle Beaches….checked in and bought my seat (£106 more pounds Sterling Ker-Ching), and awaiting a friend’s arrival for late luncheon whilst observing HMS Branagh (or is that Belfast?)…

A pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord adorns the table and I’ve been informed there’s a “Goujon Deal” today. Go figure.


Apparently there’s a Horny Male here.

This forthcoming trip: “Betwixt West & East Coasts in 80 Days and Half A Pension” is a gamble since a) I’m Old b) Half of my body has been replaced or removed and c) See a).

But all’s well cos if I’m gonna Drop Dead (Gorgeous), at least I’ll do it Sic In Transit Gloria, instead of in a Covid Jabhouse in Clarm!!!

Rivetting Stuff Eh?

9 days til departure and don’t be surprised if this whole blog gets MUCH funnier.



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