Betwixt the Coasts: From West to East in 80 Days Part 4: Baby Baby Baby, No More Refried Beans….


So greeting me most mornings here in Palm Springs in this delicious hot dream land (with lots of LGBT+ interest btw) after I’ve eaten my hotel breaking of fast is the khazi (Non-Existent Ed. Note- “Toilet”) sign which says: “FIRST PULL UP. THEN PULL DOWN”

Now THAT’S where I’ve been getting it wrong. (For further details…. Er, WhatsApp Me baby).


THE OBSCENITY OF? In the US every restaurant/bar is prepared to “Box Up” your dinner/lunch/brekkie cos you’ll NEVER EVER FINISH IT.

Course you won’t …


Talk about World Famine. Biden! Discuss this! Because of this policy you’ve created TRUMPS. Bigger & More Evil!

Forget Jack Nicholson… it’s
“FIVE EASY OVER PORK CHOPS” hehe…. Ridiculous amounts of fried everything…. (No I WON’T box it up….)

I SWEAR this gruesome amount of pig flesh was placed on my serving dish/plate last night. Tasty though.


PLUS a world record. The same song sung karaoke in 3 consecutive bars in one night woooooohoooooo! True! But True!

But HOW ABOUT: The Great American Radio Songbook?

Well this trip so far has resonated to the almost hourly sound of Hotel California (Eagles) The Joker (Steve Miller) Do it Again (Steely Dan) and….that good ol’ American bunch of rockers The Kinks (performing Lola, almost daily)…who knew?

One of the current hotel barmen told me how much he liked all kinds of jazz, including Metallica. Oh well….

That just about sums up the joys of most generally the fun brilliant opinionated sometimes unintentionally hilarious sunkissed folks of California….

I’m soon to return to LA for a few hours b4 leaving California going EAST to midWEST, but not b4 some quasi kamikaze bus driver nearly took us over the freeway edge while speaking on the phone in his right hand and laughing about something. In Japanese (I think)….

But bye bye SoCal. You’ve been quite frankly brilliant…………..



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